A screenshot of the MixViz interface with some annotations. The rendered visualization represents one time window of audio. For details, see MixViz: A Tool to Visualize Masking in Audio Mixes.



Jonathan Ford, Mark Cartwright, Bryan Pardo


MixViz is a real-time audio production tool that helps users visually detect and eliminate auditory masking in audio mixes. A sound is masked when its audibility is reduced due to the presence of another sound. A typical high-level goal many users have when mixing is to make each sound in the mix as clear and distinct as possible. This can be difficult in the case where one or more tracks are masked by other tracks. MixViz communicates to the user when masking is occurring by visualizing the output of an auditory masking model. In contrast to systems that attempt to automatically reduce masking, this system allows the user to remain in control of artistic choices. With this system, novices who otherwise may have trouble determining where masking is occurring are given information to inform their actions in the mixing process.

Related Papers

[pdf] Ford, J., Cartwright, M., Pardo, B. MixViz: A Tool to Visualize Masking in Audio Mixes. In Proceedings of the 139th International Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES), 2015.


MixViz Github repository