Sounds of New York City

Sounds of New York City



Juan Pablo Bello, Anish Arora, R. Luke DuBois, Oded Nov, Claudio Silva, Harish Doraiswamy, Charlie Mydlarz, Justin Salamon, Mohit Sharma, Mark Cartwright, Yitzchak Lockerman, Peter Li, Fabio Miranda, Dhrubojyoti Roy, Ayanna Seals


The objectives of SONYC are to create technological solutions for:

  1. the systematic, constant monitoring of noise pollution at city scale

  2. the accurate description of acoustic environments in terms of its composing sources

  3. broadening citizen participation in noise reporting and mitigation

  4. enabling city agencies to take effective, information-driven action for noise mitigation.

Visit the SONYC homepage to learn more about the project.

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